Yes, all countries now welcome

One US scenario team (must be in top 20, >200 votes)

Prize: 1 crossover and 5 sets of Special Forces BDUs. Deadline: 11/1/12.

Congratulations to Canadian team Nightwalkers

Prize: 5 cases of INKA paintballs. Deadline: 10/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to South African team Synergy

Prize: Seven Empire Invert Minis supplied by Blades and Triggers. Deadline: 9/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to Canadian team BACARA

Prize: One MILSIG Custom SRT Sniper, One Complete Tactical Gear Pkg & Team Prize Pkg. Deadline: 9/1/2012 GMT.

Congratulations to Phoenix Saint-Petersburg from Russia

Seven Spyder Fenix markers. Paintball goods must be accepted in winning country. Deadline:8/1/12 GMT.

Malaysia winners announced

Each team gets a free subscription to Ramped Magazine, along with a limited edition T-shirt. Deadline: 8/1/12 GMT

Welcome to the global paintball index. Where is your team?

Over 20 prizes targeting specific areas or entire continents will go live over the next 4 months. And you're invited.

Winners from CIS are announced

Prize: Top 5 (1 annual subscription + 5 T-shirts), 6-10 (1 annual subscription). Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.

Winner Australia: Team Uprising

Prize: 6 Macdev jerseys (players can select size and colour/by availability). Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner South Africa: Team Xplicit

Prize: 1 Empire Contact Jersey, Contact Zero Pant, and E-Vent Goggle. Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner: US scenario team Fox Squad Paintball

Prize: 7 EG KillStar Pants, EG KillStar Vests, EG Murder Gloves, Barrel Socks, EG Back Packs. Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.


Total votes: 54
Asylum is a newly reformed paintball team from SouthWest Virginia. Achievements include multiple top 5 finishes in the Smackz Paintball Tournament Series.

Jogja United

Total votes: 67
Lia Mustafa (manager) AA Gede Agung Wedha.(capt). Roby Kristian. Januar Akbar. Archi H. Perdana. Laode Reza. Viddy Renaldy Runtu. Youni Kurniawan. Awards: 4th place D4 WCA 2011, 2nd place D4 MPOC 2012, and many more.

Tropix Hawaii

Total votes: 80
A competitive paintball team from Hawaii. 2010 Div 4 NPPL Las Vegas Champions. Looking to stay just as competitive in Div 3 in 2012, and move up to Div 2 in 2013.

Viking team

Total votes: 1389
Vikings is a sports paintball team. We welcome the new faces themselves. In 2012, our team will participate in sports PMAL (Mecca Amateur Paintball League), PPL (Prague paintball league) and CPL (Czech paintball league).


Total votes: 248
«Valkyries» - started in 2002 in Moscow. The team is female: 10 girls at the moment. Our coach is Sergey Samuylov (Sam). Our home field - Arena Moscow. We play in Russia and abroad (the Grand Tour, Millennium D2).