Yes, all countries now welcome

One US scenario team (must be in top 20, >200 votes)

Prize: 1 crossover and 5 sets of Special Forces BDUs. Deadline: 11/1/12.

Congratulations to Canadian team Nightwalkers

Prize: 5 cases of INKA paintballs. Deadline: 10/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to South African team Synergy

Prize: Seven Empire Invert Minis supplied by Blades and Triggers. Deadline: 9/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to Canadian team BACARA

Prize: One MILSIG Custom SRT Sniper, One Complete Tactical Gear Pkg & Team Prize Pkg. Deadline: 9/1/2012 GMT.

Congratulations to Phoenix Saint-Petersburg from Russia

Seven Spyder Fenix markers. Paintball goods must be accepted in winning country. Deadline:8/1/12 GMT.

Malaysia winners announced

Each team gets a free subscription to Ramped Magazine, along with a limited edition T-shirt. Deadline: 8/1/12 GMT

Welcome to the global paintball index. Where is your team?

Over 20 prizes targeting specific areas or entire continents will go live over the next 4 months. And you're invited.

Winners from CIS are announced

Prize: Top 5 (1 annual subscription + 5 T-shirts), 6-10 (1 annual subscription). Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.

Winner Australia: Team Uprising

Prize: 6 Macdev jerseys (players can select size and colour/by availability). Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner South Africa: Team Xplicit

Prize: 1 Empire Contact Jersey, Contact Zero Pant, and E-Vent Goggle. Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner: US scenario team Fox Squad Paintball

Prize: 7 EG KillStar Pants, EG KillStar Vests, EG Murder Gloves, Barrel Socks, EG Back Packs. Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.

West Assault Rebels(W.A.R)

Total votes: 998
West Assault Rebels(W.A.R) is a Hellenic mil/sim & tactical scenario team, that were founded in 2009.We participating to CONFLICT milsim league and all scenario games and the purpose is always "fun through paintball"!!!!

Pit Bull Force Recon

Total votes: 801
Formed in Oct 2010 by friends looking to have fun and compete. With practice we've become a well oiled machine, each of us performing his own role earning us our 1st Championship in the Conflict Tactical League 2011-2012

Fox Squad Paintball

Total votes: 1053
Founded in 2010, this OKC based group is involved in Woodsball, Speedball, Pump, & Scenario play. Participating in events across the state (& in some nearby states), they also work with newer players to help grow the sport.

Natural Selection

Total votes: 618
Specialized in mainly scenario type play we travel all over Ontario and venture out for other big appearances in the USA and other provinces. Our team was formed in 2007 with a goal of becoming the most known and respected.

The Stormrunners

Total votes: 551
A group of 10 friends who play the game because we love it. Consistently lead from the frontlines in battle, as evidenced at Commando Paintball D-Day in 2011 and 2012. Were also runners up in the HK Army jersey giveaway.