Yes, all countries now welcome

One US scenario team (must be in top 20, >200 votes)

Prize: 1 crossover and 5 sets of Special Forces BDUs. Deadline: 11/1/12.

Congratulations to Canadian team Nightwalkers

Prize: 5 cases of INKA paintballs. Deadline: 10/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to South African team Synergy

Prize: Seven Empire Invert Minis supplied by Blades and Triggers. Deadline: 9/1/12 GMT.

Congratulations to Canadian team BACARA

Prize: One MILSIG Custom SRT Sniper, One Complete Tactical Gear Pkg & Team Prize Pkg. Deadline: 9/1/2012 GMT.

Congratulations to Phoenix Saint-Petersburg from Russia

Seven Spyder Fenix markers. Paintball goods must be accepted in winning country. Deadline:8/1/12 GMT.

Malaysia winners announced

Each team gets a free subscription to Ramped Magazine, along with a limited edition T-shirt. Deadline: 8/1/12 GMT

Welcome to the global paintball index. Where is your team?

Over 20 prizes targeting specific areas or entire continents will go live over the next 4 months. And you're invited.

Winners from CIS are announced

Prize: Top 5 (1 annual subscription + 5 T-shirts), 6-10 (1 annual subscription). Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.

Winner Australia: Team Uprising

Prize: 6 Macdev jerseys (players can select size and colour/by availability). Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner South Africa: Team Xplicit

Prize: 1 Empire Contact Jersey, Contact Zero Pant, and E-Vent Goggle. Deadline: 6/6/12 GMT.

Winner: US scenario team Fox Squad Paintball

Prize: 7 EG KillStar Pants, EG KillStar Vests, EG Murder Gloves, Barrel Socks, EG Back Packs. Deadline: 7/1/12 GMT.

Joint Force

Total votes: 1536
Joint Force is a newly formed team that is going to be participating in the 2012 NPPL Series. We are playing Semi Pro/Division 1. We are a team formed of players from numerous teams from the Greater Vancouver area.


Total votes: 1530
Pump paintball team that play every form of paintball based out of Edmonton Ab Canada. CPPL Div 4 7th place Silver Creek cup 2nd place (2012) Capital ex pump tournament 3rd & 4th place Silver creek cup (2011 champs)

Major League Door Kickers

Total votes: 898
Scenario woodsball team out of Calgary, AB Team players are Alex, Kevin, Justin, Davis, and Brian. Compete in tournaments, sponsored by INKA and Badlands Paintball.


Total votes: 1494
The first year that we'll be entering tournaments, but the team has a five year experience in paintball.

Mythic Paintball

Total votes: 1515
Mythic will be seen playing in speedball tournaments around Ottawa, ON Canada. We're looking for more support/sponsors to help us reach our goal, to join the CXBL for 2013. Sponsored by Valken c/o Underground Productz